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Web Services

Xadel is a Web Services Industry pioneer, offering a comprehensive spectrum of web services including high-end website development, custom web programming, e-commerce solutions, content management systems, and SEO (SEO).

Xadel delivers the absolute best in B2B Portals and B2C Gateways, from inventive Web Design to perfection in On-line Shopping Cart Solutions. Xadel, based in Cincinnati, provides complete online solutions to a variety of enterprises throughout the world. Using a highly matured Online Services Architecture, we empower businesses with complete web solutions that integrate your front-end web presence with back-end processes. Our fundamental philosophy as a professional web design and development company is to build relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, trust, and progress.

We offer reliable web-based solutions that enable remote access to data and applications. Xadel develops ERP solutions and places the Tools of Excellence in the hands of management, while also supporting field services, outside sales people, and integrating external operations with Purchasing, Inventory Management, and Customer Resource Management services. Clean, effective, and scalable custom web programming solutions.

We've completed a number of E-Commerce projects utilising iStore Technology for order capture and payment gateway integration, as well as financial applications, inventory management systems, and shipping. From Supply Chain Management to dating sites, Xadel point-of-sale systems may help.

Web Development

Our engineers are experts at integrating Flash with XML, PHP, ASP, and other open source applications (JOOMLA, MAGENTO, X-CART, ZEN CART & OsCommerce). In today's market, businesses are driven by creative, beautiful, and engaging websites. Xadel has a proven track record of offering cutting-edge website design and technology to assist Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) development with the optimum mix of scripts and multi-lingual SEO authoring. Xadel offers SEO as a featured service to help you improve your website's search engine ranking. Ascend the rankings and attract traffic to your website.

Hosting Solutions

Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Solutions are available from Xadel. Both Linux and Windows NT Servers are supported. Database/SQL/Cold Fusion Support, as well as PHP/JSP, Javaservlet Support, are among our other essential services. We are a Web Application Service provider that provides client utility services such as Web-based email, Bulletin Board Services, Newsletter Subscriptions, and Chat Services. Oracle on Demand, the entire spectrum of DBA Support Offerings, Continuing Operations, and Disaster Recovery are just a few of the Xadel hosting services.

Our clients list includes players in various industries:

Food & Beverage Industry
Health & Medical
Other IT Firms
Health & Fitness

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Modern enterprises demand complete control and the capacity to adjust to rapidly changing market conditions.
Clear policies and flexible techniques can help achieve this.

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