Enterprise-wide IT Services offer end-to-end assistance for businesses. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Implementation gathers data from all areas of business to provide management with the Tools of Excellence.


ERP Solutions

Xadel sees the value of effective IT support for any business, regardless of industry. Today, success is impossible to achieve without the efficient use of modern technologies; improved tools; data management; CMS; data security; eye-catching site design; App capabilities; and a strong online presence to establish your brand. We provide a variety of IT solutions to assist you. Our ERP systems cater to all sorts of businesses, addressing your specific needs to ensure CRM, HCM, and CSM, among other things. Our Cloud Solutions offer reliable networking and data security. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about our services, which include staffing, app maintenance, software development, and testing.

Xadel has expertise in a variety of industries, including inventory and supply chain management, distribution, finance, communications, manufacturing, and government. Business Process Optimization and Enterprise Needs are at the heart of ERP Services. Our ERP Consulting Services team works with customers to produce outcomes, and our planning and benchmarking documentation put Project Control firmly in management's hands.

Xadel has successfully implemented Oracle E-Business Suite for a number of clients, delivering fully integrated E-Commerce Order Capture, Inventory Management, Financial and Business Management, and Reporting Services. These include the complicated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) that makes it all work, as well as the integration of third-party technology. Throughout the day-to-day operations of your organisation, we provide comprehensive ERP support. In support of our clients, we provide Oracle Certified Implementation Services, including ERP Database Management. We have extensive experience with procurement automation, notification, HRMS, and CRM implementations.

ERP Services offered by Xadel include:

Integration of multiple SAP and Oracle ERP Systems providing SAP data capture for processing in Oracle and its Return to Support field crews in the communications industry.
Oracle Configurator Solutions in support of field sales to provide a new business delivery model to our customer including high technology component optimization and pricing without error.
Multi-site Fixed Assets Management and reporting to meet federal and state government standards.
We have accomplished over 20 Business Intelligence Implementations putting company-wide information in the hands of management.

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